Aeroscreen Time

Daniel Ricciardo this morning gave a track debut to the Red Bull Racing Aeroscreen, the team’s solution to the question of head protection in Formula One.

Daniel trialled the new technology at the start of this morning's first practice session ahead of the Russian Grand Prix, using his installation lap to test visibility through the screen while at the wheel.

The Tyre Test

Prior to this morning visual test in Sochi, we put the aeroscreen through its defensive paces in two static tests, firstly at our factory where, with screen fixed to the ground, we used a ram to project a Formula One wheel, ballasted to weigh 20kg, at the screen at 225kph. The high-speed impact wrecked the wheel rim and the tyre, but the screen remained intact.

The Ballistic Test

Next it was off to high-tech screen specialists Isoclima for a ballistic test in which a 1kg projectile was fired at the screen at 230kph. Once again the object was deflected and the screen remained intact.