Blasting around the backyard

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of arriving back to the factory after a race as the custodians of our wall of trophies rummage around to try make space for another winner’s trophy.

But while victory at the Red Bull Ring for the second year in a row was sweet, there’s barely been time to pause and take a look at just which pride of place has been bestowed on our second Austrian Grand Prix team trophy. Why? Well, no sooner is one home race done and dusted than another one comes over the horizon. 

The British Grand Prix is an undoubted highlight of the season. Take away the fact that it’s just up the road from the factory and it still remains an incredible weekend. How could it not be when the place is rammed to the rafters with upwards of 140,000 passionate, supremely knowledge F1 fans. And how could it not be when a sizeable portion of those fans are wearing our colours. It genuinely, unequivocally does the heart good. 

So imagine what it must be like to steer an F1 car out onto that amazing, high-speed thrill ride of a track and see those packed grandstands and wallow in all that support. Must be pretty cool, right? Maybe that’s why Max and Pierre absolutely love the place, as they explain…

Max Verstappen 

One win in the bag at our first home race, how are you feeling about chasing another at our second? 

I’m looking forward to Silverstone, especially after the win in Austria. It was a really special moment for everyone in the Team and for Honda – all the hard work is beginning to pay off. 

Silverstone is always reckoned to be a ‘driver’s favourite’. Is that the case for you?

Yeah, I really enjoy the Silverstone Circuit because of the high-speed corners, Becketts and Maggots being my favourite, and it’s great fun to drive. I also know it pretty well after racing there in F3 before F1. 

Does part of that enjoyment come from the amount of people who turn out to watch the race?

I love to see all the British fans camping and supporting us in the grandstands. There is always a big turnout and they are definitely some of the most passionate F1 fans in the world. Because our factory is just down the road it is another home race for the Team so I hope we can continue our progress and put on a great show for everyone on Sunday. A lot of great, fast corners is what we like and I can’t imagine the calendar without the British Grand Prix.

Pierre Gasly 

Are you as big a fan of Silverstone as Max?

I’m excited to go racing on a track like Silverstone. It’s one of my favourites because you have so many high-speed corners, and especially with a Formula One car, you really feel the downforce and grip there. It’s a really nice and flowing track, and also its history in the sport makes it quite a meaningful place for me. 

You’ve won at Silverstone on a British Grand Prix weekend before haven’t you?

I had a GP2 victory at Silverstone just after a road car accident with my family on the way to the track, so it’s a special weekend that I always remember and I’m really happy to return this year with Red Bull. 

There’s always a massive crowd at Silverstone. That must give you a lift?

It’s usually a pretty cool atmosphere with all the British fans coming out to support. I remember last year was my first British Grand Prix in F1 and I was impressed with the amount of people attending over the weekend. Following Austria, we’re working and focusing on every detail and we will try to put all the pieces together to extract and deliver a better result this weekend. I’m excited to get back out there and go racing.