Bordeaux of your wardrobe?

Despite appearances, autumn is upon us in MK and soon the leafy lanes of MK7 will turn from green to red, gold and brown, giving us some fresh scenery to look at as we sweat over our laptops.

The landscape isn’t the only change on the horizon. You might have already seen the Autumn/Winter collection from our friends at Puma, but there’s a whole new look that we can’t get enough of: Bordeaux!

The Bordeaux Collection by Puma is a capsule range of streetwear and accessories with a seasonal colour theme running through. New statement tees have landed: the Strata T-shirt with a vivid racing print, the Arrow T-shirt with its unique adjustable hem and the Speedcat Evo with bordeaux stripes and plenty of team detailing. 

The apparel teams up perfectly with matching accessories including two new additions to the flattie family - the Strata and Speedcat. For total matchy-matchy, grab the Speedcat backpack in navy and bordeaux, which has stacks of room for your kit and multiple ways to wear.

Check out the Bordeaux Collection via our friends at here.