Ready Beirut?

So you all know Beirut was going to have an F1 circuit back in the 90's, right? Well now, Formula One is coming to town as the Live Demo Team get set to roll in on Sunday 22nd May.

That exact same track (well parts of it at least) will witness the speed, donuts, burnouts, and engine roaring, as thousands of F1 and motorsports enthusiasts are expecting to line the track from both ends.

So come on down to Beirut Waterfront for once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel the thrill. Good weather, good food, and a few more surprises! Who's got plans on a Sunday afternoon anyway? Now you do...

What is it?

The Team are landing in the streets of Beirut with Scuderia Toro Rosso's Carlos Sainz in tow to take the wheel. The Live Demo will ravish Beirut's bay during the month of May.

Mark your calendars and save your spots!

The event is on May 22 2016, starting at 4pm (local time). The best time to arrive is by 3pm for the best seats in the hour, the earlier the better.

Where is it?

Directions are the worst in Beirut, but this one's a piece of cake. Meet us at Beirut Waterfront for an electrifying experience.

WTF (Where's The Food?)

You know what they say; good food is good mood. Souk El Akel will be just around the corner for a little afternoon culinary delight.

It's on the house!

No entrance feed is required. Tag along with your friends, family and any adrenaline junky Formula One nut you know. You're in for a speedy treat!

Should you dress to impress?

Wear your freshest clothes to enjoy the summertime weather! It is the season to be sun-kissed. Don't forget your shades, cap and sunscreen!

For more on the event, check out our Live Demo events page, right here.