This weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix marks the 10th anniversary of our first Formula One victory and F1’s 1000th World Championship race.

To celebrate the occasion, Red Bull China launched a special edition F1 can, and invited the Bulls to a traditional Chinese lion dance on top of one of Shanghai’s high risers.

After taking in breathtaking views of the Bund, both drivers were invited to paint the eyes of their respective orange and blue lions, symbolising their awakening, before they performed the ‘lucky’ lion dance.  Max and Pierre then attempted to harness their inner rhythm with tuition from a Chinese drumming master. But with both Bulls quickly realizing they should stick to their day jobs, they ditched the drumming and went head-to-head with esports competition winners on the official F1 game to test their mettle in front of some 150 fans.

“The lion dance was really cool, but I don’t have any rhythm, so I don’t think I’m good at drumming!” said Max. “It was good fun though and the can looks cool. I think when you put an F1 car on it, especially with the blue, it looks really good.

There are a lot of passionate fans here – at the airport, the hotel and the track. They are just great and they even give you gifts. I’m looking forward to a great weekend and hopefully we can give them a good show. The main challenges of the Shanghai circuit are to get a good balance in the car because it’s quite hard on the tyres, especially with the cold temperatures. Like always, I’ll do my best.”

Pierre was also realistic about his drumming ability. “My skills are probably minus five out of 10! I was quite terrible, so I think we may need a bit more practice, but I always enjoy this kind of activation. We also had some good racing today and it’s pretty cool to have a special can for this weekend.

I really like China, I didn’t get the time to explore the city but the view is pretty awesome so I’ll try to see more of it next year. It’s really good to be here and the track is one I like, so I’m really excited to get in the car and start the weekend.”