Buzzing for Budapest

When we're not taking our challengers racing at circuits around the world, we're plotting ways to take the F1 experience to anywhere we can think of. Trust us – we've got big imaginations!

Next week, fresh from Sochi, our awesome Live Demo crew are taking Daniel back to Budapest to deliver some smoking donuts at One Great Race, in what looks set to be a day of excellent motorsports action for racing fans. Previous years have seen the Team take the F1 vibe to Vienna, Sydney, Oman and Texas among others, as well as undertaking an ice run in Quebec and a beach run in the Dominican Republic. We can't get enough of it.

To get you warmed up for Budapest, here's five of our favourites from the archives.

Kitzbühel (2016)
Climb every mountain? We just couldn't resist the opportunity to fill Kitzbühel with some lovely F1 noises. Max Verstappen revved up the hills in 2016 and delivered a stunning turn around the icy climbs of the Austrian Alps in the RB7, complete with studded Pirelli tyres and snow chains. Oh, and he made it look easy. Iced donuts? More please.

F1 Scrum (2016)
When Daniel said he reckoned he could take on a bunch of rugby players and win, we said, "No worries!". Then he said he'd need a little helping hand from the Team. The result? A world-first F1 Scrum, in which Daniel rocked up to Bath Rugby and tested our RB8 against the might of eight humans – eight humans who make weightlifting seem like a breeze. Check out how it all went down!

Mexico City (2015)
A Formula One fiesta? We're in! Back in 2015, Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz joined the Live Demo crew in beautiful Mexico City to celebrate the long-awaited return of the Mexican Grand Prix. Over 150,000 fans packed out the Zócalo to catch the guys pushing their twin RB7s to the limit. Naturally, the drivers delivered a few tasty churros, too.

Hyderabad (2015)
Following on from two fantastic show car runs in wonderful India (in 2009 and 2011), we thought we'd go back for a third helping of F1 action in 2015, this time to the streets of Hyderabad. We took DC along for the ride and he didn't disappoint, whipping up a stunning storm of colours in front of thousands of excited fans who lined the route.

Mission Possible, California (2011)
We're pretty fussy about who drives our cars - it's a risky business, after all. But when acting legend Tom Cruise asked if he could take our show car for a spin around Willow Springs in California, it was an easy yes. With DC as his instructor, he had a total blast on track before delivering some thrills in the Red Bull aerobatic helicopter to fulfil that need for speed. Did he have all the right moves? Did he drive with his eyes wide shut? Was he in the danger zone? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

Wherever next? An F1 show car on the moon? Salted donuts on top of a luxury cruise liner? We'll try and get to just about anywhere if we can. Where would you like to see our live demo visit next?