Can You Make It? Yes We Can!

From Red Bull’s Dougie Lampkin on his motocross bike all the way through to Ryan Doyle, one of the world’s top free runners giving you a factory with a difference in true Red Bull style, Milton Keynes and our factory has always been a playground (or on some occasions a film set) for some slightly different and very cool activities.

First and foremost, building Formula One cars is what we do best at our base in MK, but we always look forward to and enjoy inviting our friends and family from the greater World of Red Bull to the factory to do some pretty usual activities to break out of the Formula One confines.

Last week, the Factory became a stop on the latest global adventure of the Red Bull Can You Make It? challenge. The "Checkpoint" challenge for our marauding adventures who were traveling from Edinburgh to Paris was a simple (or not so simple as many keen contestants found out) pit stop challenge. The aim, to do a tyre change in under 7.5 seconds and bag some additional points on this leg of their trip.



NO CASH, JUST CANS! It's a challenge where teams of three university students go on the adventure of a lifetime. This year a total of 165 teams from 55 countries across the globe will have just one week (April 12–19) to travel more than 1,000 kilometers throughout Europe from one of the five Starting Points to the Finish Line in Paris, using only cans of Red Bull as currency.

It's not about the first team to the destination – it's the journey and the adventures that matter. 

To get involved and follow online check out the website here or get involved on Facebook and Instagram using #canyoumakeit16

You can also follow all the daily action on Red Bull TV here

To see how the teams got on when they visited the factory, check out the video below!