Who doesn’t love a podcast? In fact, who doesn’t love a totally jam packed, end of season podcast? Good news then, because we’ve made one and you can listen to it right now.


What’s in store? Well for starters, we caught up with Red Bull MTB Freestyle supremo and three-time Farm Jam winner, Matt Jones as well as Power Unit Technician Calum Nicholas plus we’ve got a season round up with Max. We’ve also thrown in a fun countdown because that’s precisely what we love at this time of year.

Topping it all off, we sat down with Daniel one last time to have a bit of a deep and meaningful in one of our most in-depth interviews ever with the Aussie. Expect plenty of laughs, a few tears and stacks of the Honey Badger’s most memorable moments together with the final word from the man himself.

We’ll be bringing our podcasts back with a bang next year but in the meantime, take a listen to our end of season special above...