Dad, this one’s for you!

Being in F1 is a full-time job but so is being a dad...

There are plenty of fathers in the Team and with their special day coming up on Sunday, not only here in the UK but in many other places around the world, it’s time to thank them for always having our backs.

If you’re sick of socks and you’ve been looking for the perfect present but still haven’t found it, don’t panic, our friends at the Red Bull Shop have come up with some great gift ideas from the world of Red Bull.

No matter whether your dad is a fan of planes, games and automobiles, groovy gadgets or even freestyle rap battles, there’s definitely something in this selection to suit even the most discerning dad!

Check out some unique gifts to knock your dad’s socks off this year, right here! 

We hope all the dads out there have a brilliant Father’s Day!