Daniel's Off Track Tapes

When it comes to Daniel, there are pretty much endless memories to think of. Safe to say he never does things by halves and has always thrown himself into our escapades and challenges with plenty of gusto and a cheeky wink.

Looking back through the archives at some of our favourites has made us rather misty eyed but here’s ten of our greatest off track moments with the Honey Badger.

Caravan carnage at Zandvoort

Who doesn’t love a camping trip? In May we took Daniel and Max plus a couple of Aston Martins and caravans to Zandvoort. You can’t trust racing drivers to just park up and get the beans on the go though, can you? Here’s what went down when they went for a spot of caravan racing.

Getting handy in Texas

“Hey Daniel, fancy hauling some hay bales and twisting a whip?” We didn’t need to ask him twice. Rocking up at a farm ahead of the US GP 2016, Daniel got his cowboy groove on and learned the ropes in his own inimitable style. Naturally, he found some pretty mean machinery to play with, too. Watch it here.

Learning new moves in Japan

Discipline, skill and fierce battle moves. Should be a piece of cake for an F1 driver, right? In 2017 Daniel and Max took up a new challenge while in town for the Japanese GP: training in the traditional martial art, Kendo at the Konnou Dojo in Shibuya. Not without a chuckle, naturally.

Enter Sandman – Daniel’s V8 Supercar debut

When Daniel told us he’d never driven a V8 Supercar before, we smelled a challenge. On the eve of his 2016 home race, we sent him tearing around Melbourne’s suburbs in Red Bull Racing Australia’s unique Holden Sandman V8. Guestlist? Only the multiple V8 Supercars champion, Jamie Whincup. “This thing’s got some balls!” said Daniel. We hear you, mate. Watch it here.

Just drifting with Mad Mike in Melbourne

The only trouble with giving Daniel a V8 to play with for his home race was that we had to keep raising our game after that. So in 2018 we upped the challenge: a cheeky little drift around Albert Park alongside the legend ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett. Some might call it a passenger ride with a difference, some might just call it terrifying. Fearless as ever, Daniel was more than ready for it.

Making a splash on the Yarra

We gave Daniel and Max a different kind of ride before the 2017 Aus GP. Dinghies! With great amusement and a huge dollop of healthy competition, they took part in the Dinghy Dash along the Yarra River for a battle to the finish line alongside pro racers Scott Jenke and Jeremy Newman. Splashing stuff! Watch it here.

F1 on the streets of London

Fact: Donuts taste even better when you’re surrounded by thousands of racing fans! In an F1 first, Daniel, Max and the rest of the paddock lit up London for F1 Live 2017. They nipped down Whitehall, around the Trafalgar Square roundabout and back towards the PM’s place, burning rubber like there was no tomorrow and even dishing up some, er, controlled slides...

Don’t be salty! Shaking things up in Argentina

One of the most visually stunning runs that we’ve ever pulled off, Daniel’s 2012 Salt Run in Argentina required our Aussie to take on the vast Salinas Grande desert in the RB7. Working at 3500 metres above sea level meant the pressure was on to get everything tuned just right, but the result was nothing short of unforgettable. Watch the RB7 let loose here.

Daniel and the RB8 vs Bath Rugby Club

In a world first, Daniel kicked off 2016 in style by facing down eight members of Bath Rugby with 750 brake horsepower and state of the art machinery behind him. Our priceless F1 car vs powerful rugby players? It certainly made some of us wince but we still can’t get enough of watching it. (Just don’t mention what happened to the drone.)

Can’t stop the feeling in Abu Dhabi

Persuading F1 drivers out of the car and out of their comfort zone always delivers interesting results. As Daniel can always be relied upon to break out the moves given any opportunity, at our season sundowner in Abu Dhabi in 2016 we challenged him to prove that his hips don’t lie with a belly dancing lesson on a rather sandy dancefloor. Watch Daniel's moves here.