The Team is pleased to announce a new partnership with Snowflake Computing – the only data warehouse built for the Cloud. Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehousing technology will allow the Team to gain insights and drive performance.

Formula One is increasingly a data-driven sport and with performance gaps between teams measured in hundredths – sometimes thousandths – of a second, the hunt for marginal gains takes on additional significance. Any advantage, no matter how small, can translate into track position, hence the Team’s constant search for new and exciting technology providers to collaborate, develop and find new ways to improve performance across the business. 

“A large part of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s success is built on its technology and innovation partnerships, and our new collaboration with Snowflake is a continued step towards delivering yet another strong Formula One season,” said Zoe Chilton, Head of Technical Partnerships. “We are excited to be working with Snowflake to get instant access to insights throughout the racing season.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing,” added Snowflake CMO, Denise Persson. “Formula One racing thrives on pushing the boundaries of performance, which is the same ethos Snowflake operates on with our technology. By providing instant and infinitely scalable access to data when organizations need it most, our customers can put data in the driver’s seat to make quick business decisions and ultimately drive their competitive edge both on and off the track.”