Drifting Sochi!

Watch as Russian Red Bull athlete Nikita Shikov gives you an alternative track guide of the Sochi Autodrom circuit, home of the Russian Grand Prix, by form of drift... But can the Drift King do the whole of Turn 3?

One outstanding feature of the Sochi Autodrom is the awe-inspiring turn three – the fastest and longest turn in Formula One. This massive left-hander could have been lifted straight off a slot-car track.

The Russians call it 'the engine killer' because the prolonged G-force can starve an engine of oil, while pushing the driver to his physical limit. If you don't cook the engine, you can easily slide into the barriers.

It's made for F1, of course, but it also happens to be perfect for drifting. But is it possible to drift around the whole of turn three of the Sochi Autodrom? Watch above to find out!