Drivers Pledge: #itcanwait

At the Circuit of the Americas this weekend, the Team is proud to be supporting AT&T’s #ItCanWait campaign, highlighting the dangers of distracted driving, and asking drivers to make a pledge, promising to refrain from texting or using social media while driving.

This is the third year we’ve supported the AT&T campaign, and we’re very pleased to be playing our part in a movement that already has over 32 million drivers pledged to never allow their phone to endanger themselves or others behind the wheel. The campaign has many well-known supporters and our senior staff, together with Max and Daniel, are pleased to add their voices.

Distracted driving is an increasing problem in the information age, particularly in the US where annually some ten per cent of road fatalities and over 400,000 non-fatal injuries have been attributed to some form of distraction affecting one or more drivers. The latest research suggests a driver taking their eyes off the road for even two seconds – or a cumulative 12 seconds out of 24 – can have deadly results.

The pledge is straightforward. #ItCanWait simply asks drivers to make a promise. They will care for passengers, pedestrians, other drivers and themselves by not using their phone while driving. They will remain aware that one is never alone on the road and share the message that distracted driving is never ok.

The #ItCanWait message will be prominently displayed on the bargeboards and headrests of the RB14s at this weekend’s United States Grand Prix. To make the pledge or for further information, take a look here.