Enter our Hall of Fame

It’s been 12 years in the making but on Thursday at our factory in Milton Keynes, Christian Horner, speaking on a Facebook LIVE presentation, was finally able to unveil the Red Bull Racing Hall of Fame.

We haven’t been around as long as some of our more venerable peers – but we’ve packed a lot into a dozen seasons of racing. Our new Hall of Fame displays the cars that tell the story, charting the history that takes us from our relatively humble origins through to the race- and championship-winning glory years.

*Watch Christian's exclusive tour of the Hall of Fame on Facebook Live, here*

“The Hall of Fame is a new room in the factory where we’ve put together a collection of our cars from the last 12 years,” says Christian. “Rather than having these cars stuck on racks or scattered around different areas of the site, we’re putting them on display to reflect our history and growth.”

It's fantastic to have this collection of cars, all under one roof that guests of the factory can come and enjoy.

The Hall of Fame features cars from 2005’s Red Bull RB1 through to this year’s race-winning RB12. It’s fascinating having this opportunity to see the cars side-by-side – something that we’ve never done previously.

Even the livery progression is fascinating. While our basic colours have remained unchanged since the team’s debut, with the cars lined up the development down the years is particularly apparent: from the chequerboarding of 2005-6, through the pinstripes of 2007-8, to the more modern purple hues of the Infiniti-sponsored cars and finally the matte-finish RB12. The collection even demonstrates the variation of themes with two examples of the RB3 on show: the standard car and the special edition British Grand Prix Faces for Charity car (aka the ‘fan-car’) that ran with a unique livery composed from 30,000 pictures.

“It was an initiative for Wings for Life,” recalls Christian. “People from all around the world would make a donation to have their face – or any face – on the car. I even put my dog on! It raised €1million for spinal cord injury research.”

Perhaps more pertinent than the changing liveries, the Hall of Fame is arranged to demonstrate the evolution in design that has taken place over the years. The RB3, the first Red Bull designed by Adrian Newey is demonstrably different to the cars that went before but features design cues that carry forward to today; the RB5 marked the start of a new aerodynamic era with the biggest rule change for a decade producing cleaner lines and less cluttered bodywork; later on we see rule-led innovations such as the ramp Coanda exhausts, the stepped noses, wider front wings etc.,

The one notable absentee from the collect is 2011’s RB7. While all the cars in the Hall of Fame are genuine running examples, the RB7s have a rather more active lifestyle, forming the basis of our showcar fleet, running regularly at Live Demo events around the world. For anyone wanting to see the rest of our history, the Hall of Fame will be part of our Factory Tours programme. To enquire, click here.

“It’s fantastic to have this collection of cars, all under one roof that guests of the factory can come and see and enjoy,” concludes Christian. ‘We’ve got quite a short history, only 12 years’ worth of cars, but they represent great success: four Drivers’ and four Constructors’ World Championships, 52 race victories – though with two races remaining in 2016 we’re keen that the final car on display adds to that number before this season ends.”