Filling the F1 Void: A light at the end of the tunnel

F1 is the gift that keeps on giving. There we were, lamenting another week without any F1 in it, when lo and behold, Daniel Ricciardo took to the streets of Houston to fire up the RB7 for a few rounds of smokin' donuts. Meanwhile, the folks at F1 HQ delivered plenty of tasty morsels of their own as they hinted at their future plans for the sport. (You know it's a big deal when the major TV channels are discussing it. Hello Mum!)

Who knows what the next seven days will bring? In the meantime, we've rounded up a few things to keep you distracted until testing. Wait, what? Yes, TESTING! Because it's nearly February and that means it won't be long until we let the RB13 out of the garage to play. But until then...

Red Bull Dinghy Derby – South Australia, 3-5 February

With the right skills, anything can be souped up, including the harmless dinghy – a familiar sight to boaters all over the world. In the town of Renmark in South Australia, however, dinghies get an adrenaline fix of their very own. Who knew that by giving them a makeover with a souped-up outboard engine and going racing at high speed down the Murray River you could have so much fun? 2016 saw the competition's biggest year to date with over 90 boats taking up the challenge in the fierce heat, and 2017 looks set to be even better.
Check out the 2016 highlights and stay on top of this year's action right here.

Red Bull Crashed Ice – Saint Paul, United States, 3-4 February
If you still haven't seen Crashed Ice, you're missing out. Put simply, it's the fastest sport on skates: the world's best (and bravest) skaters, a crowd packed full of adrenaline and a track that'll make your heart stop – with a drop of 12 stories, it's major! The event returns to Minnesota for a sixth year running, where the Saint Paul Cathedral makes a stunning backdrop. It's the biggest and baddest stop on the tour, so if you're a Crashed Ice newbie, it's the perfect time to start watching.
Get up to speed here. Watch it LIVE on Red Bull TV here.

Simple Session 17 – Tallinn, Estonia, 3-5 February
BMX in the middle of a Baltic winter on a totally badass course? What's not to love? The legendary indoor BMX contest lands at Tallinn's Saku Arena this week, where the best Street and Park riders and skaters from around the globe will throw down the gauntlet and face all the insane challenges of a fierce new course. Get ready for epic runs, heavy lines and mad skills!
Relive the 2016 highlights here or watch it LIVE on Red Bull TV here

We'll be back next week with some more ideas to get you through but in the meantime, you can drop by our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram channels at any time to get your F1 fix or just show us some love. (The world needs more love, right?)