First Half Highlights

Summer break mode is ON! The factory is half empty, the Digi crew are muttering about mythical things like sleep and eating dinner at a regular hour, and SPY’s already sent ten postcards from the beach.

We love going racing, of course we do, but the prospect of downtime is a beautiful thing for the F1 family. It’s been a hectic year but we’ve made more than a few memories to keep us smiling into the summer break.

Here are some of our top moments from 2018 so far:

A beautiful blue RB14

We kicked off the season ahead of testing with our new challenger, the RB14, in a very special livery. We love a bit of camouflage and this year we gave the RB14 a bold blue look to meet her admirers, before re-dressing her in the official matte livery.

‘Mad’ Mike takes Daniel drifting

When it comes to your home race, you’ve got to show it the moves. Daniel welcomed this year’s Australian GP by drifting around Albert Park with Kiwi legend, ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett. Sideways. Was it gnarly? You bet!

Daniel brings home the bling in China

An action-packed race resulted in our Aussie bringing home the top bling in China and also provided fodder for the stuff that memes are made of: “Sometimes you’ve just got to lick the stamp and send it.” Yep.

A triple treat in Zandvoort

One classic circuit, three classic F1 cars and three charging bulls…what a recipe! In June, our Live Demo team deployed Daniel, Max and DC in Zandvoort for some tyre-frying action in the RB7s and RB8. Watch this one with the sound right up. Simply lovely!

Budapest Burnouts

In May, we took part in something of a tradition for the Team: Nagy Futam, aka The Great Run. This fantastic jamboree brings motorsport to the street of Budapest and this year it was Max’s turn in the RB8, delivering donuts and burnouts to a 200,000-strong crowd.

More bling for Daniel in Monaco

What a drive! Daniel raced the socks off his ailing RB14 following a power issue early on. Incredible tyre management and flawless driving from our Aussie kept the pack off his back and gave him that much-coveted Monaco win.

Making magic in Marseille

This year saw the return of the French GP and to celebrate, we sent DC to Marseille to bring it live and loud as part of the Marseille festival. To say he delivered is an understatement – we’re pretty sure the Quai du Port waterfront is still stinging from those magnificent donuts.

Donuts and dance moves in Vietnam

DC and the RB7 headlining a festival in Vietnam with EDM superstar DJ Martin Garrix? Yep, that’s a thing now. DC took part in Heineken’s Perfect Experience with F1 festival, unleashing the magic of F1 on to the streets in our double-championship winning beauty before dropping a few dance moves later on.

This is our house! Max’s Austrian GP victory

Our home GP delivered something special – a fourth career win for our Dutchie! Overtaking Kimi on the first lap to claim P3, he raced hard and put in some magnificent moves, utilising the team’s tyre stop strategy during the VSC and taking the lead on lap 25 before sailing home in P1. What a drive!

New kids on the track

The first ever F1 Esports series is on and it means new faces for the Team. Out of 66,000 players competing in qualifying (completing 1.1 million laps!), whittled down to just 40, we were thrilled to welcome iRacing World Championship race winner, Joni Törmälä and competitive junior racer Graham Carroll to the family. Good luck, guys!

We’ll catch you after the break to make plenty more memories!