Five lovely liveries

Forget fashion week – the biggest design thrills come from the new F1 livery scoops!

The unveiling of new F1 liveries is a huge part of each season and although how the car performs rather than how it looks is what matters most, there are few F1 fans who can claim not to have their head turned by a bold new look that dates back to F1's golden days.

We all have our personal favourites, which are honoured time and again in the form of model cars, memorabilia and opportunities to watch classics climb the hill at Goodwood. Put simply, the right livery will stay alive in the hearts of F1 fans forever.

This week, we unleashed the RB14 for a spot of early fun, wearing a very special livery. Taking inspiration from our 2015 "Camo Bull", the RB14's pre-season outfit rocked a blue digital camo look with purpose – managing to keep all eyes on her while not giving much away! It got us all misty eyed while thinking of other memorable liveries that we've created over the years. Here are five of our favourites.

Camo Bull
One of our boldest ever looks, the livery known affectionately as the "Camo Bull" rolled out in Jerez, 2015 as a special testing livery for the RB11, and thrilled all who saw her. The traditional geometric look was used on ships during the war to literally dazzle the enemy and in this instance, via a fresh, modern style, it's fair to say the "Camo Bull" certainly did dazzle.

The Can Livery (Original Livery)
Ah, our very first challenger! The RB1 was driven by David Coulthard, Christian Klien and Vitantonio Liuzzi during the 2005 F1 season and was a very sporty yet familiar looking livery in blue with silver and red highlights – rather like the can, in fact. This look inspired the RB2 and several more thereafter, but remains close to our hearts for being our very first one!

Wings For Life Faces for Charity
After a similar campaign in 2007, back in 2012 the Faces for Charity campaign enabled us to raise crucial funds for Wings for Life and also brought you all along for the ride! We invited you to donate to Wings for Life and upload photos of your faces, which were added to a huge collage livery on the RB8s driven by Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber at the British Grand Prix.

Going Matte
In 2016, we partnered with PUMA to bring you a brand new kit and with it, a brand new livery. Designed to stand out in a crowd (as well as in F1 mirrors), the innovative and striking livery was the first matte livery in our collection, enhanced by striking red logos and clean lines, and rocking a sleek yet sweetly aggressive vibe.

Wings For Life (White Livery)
Back in 2008, David Coulthard undertook his 246th – and final - race at Interlagos with a very special livery. The all-white paintjob was designed to raise awareness of the crucial work done by Wings for Life and although a livery change in the season is usually against the rules, DC and the Team were given special permission on this occasion. DC dedicated his last race to the vision of making paraplegia curable.