How's your calendar looking? There are now just FORTY days to go until Melbourne, which means it's nearly time to go racing!

We've been filling the time by doing casual stuff like building a car and kitting out the team and planning all the things, but we've also been helping you to fill that F1 void in a number of ways, including with a few bits of content we found hanging around the place.

Every day for the last ten we've featured footage on our social channels from our Showcar adventures, and so far we've treated you to the likes of DC bringing the noise to the Big Apple, Max climbing every mountain, and Daniel revving up London last summer, as well as that time Gasly did Goodwood and that other time that things got salty in Salinas Grandes. And there's plenty more where they came from! 

Stay tuned for more escapades from our driving adventures. If your favourite hasn't been featured yet, fear not, chances are that it's coming up soon!

Each day from now until the #AusGP, we'll roll out a video on our Twitter, YouTube and Instagram channels. We've dug deep into our vault of footage from our Showcar adventures and we've pulled out some real treats for you! If you love a GoPro and want to put yourself at the heart of the action then pull up a chair, get out the popcorn and get ready to jump on board for 2018!