Remember that last day of term feeling we mentioned? Well, guess what? It's the last day of term! Some folks are already on holiday, leaving just a few hardy troopers to hoover the carpet, clean the fridge and switch off the computers... yep, can't think of anything else on the to-do list. What's that you say? No F1?

Oh, alright then. You didn't really think we'd leave you with nothing during the big F1 void, did you? As if we'd do that. We've been busy cooking up summer treats to keep that F1 vibe alive until Spa. Hold our Red Bull while we tell you all about it!

Over the break, we'll be taking a trip down the memory track and revisiting some of the coolest and possibly unseen moments from our legendary show runs via our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter channels. Here's what's in store:

1) Suns out, Bulls out! Even F1 cars like a spot of surf. Remember when Jaime Alguersuari took our RB6 to the Playa Juanillo for our first ever beach run and possibly, just maybe, a few cocktails, too?

2) How do you celebrate winning the F1 Drivers' and Constructors' Championships for the fourth time in a row? By running your F1 car 210 metres above sea level on the Burj Al Arab's helipad, of course. We'll take a look at DC's next level donut delivery.

3) Hot stuff! Being as he's from Australia we figured who better than Daniel Ricciardo to test out the unrelenting temperature of the Salina Grandes salt desert in Argentina and see if the RB7 could handle the extreme conditions. 

4) Nobody throws a summer fiesta like the Mexicans! Remember that time we sent Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo on a tyre scorching tour of Mexico City? The locals usually prefer Churros but they weren't disapointed with the donuts on offer.

5) Throwing it back to the US, DC was in a New York state of mind for our Lincoln Tunnel run, which took in Liberty State Park and NYC's stunning skyline. You can look forward to a bite of the big apple when we revisit this one of our favourite show runs later this month.

6) Heading back to the Team's home roots, Max Verstappen rocked the Kitzbuhel a few years ago when he took the RB7 for a snowy spin, armed only with spiked tyres and a very big grin. How did the Team even get the car up there? It was snow joke, we can tell you!

7) Where we're going, we don't need roads... just tracks! Once upon a time in America, we sent DC to have a nose around the COTA construction site. Along the way he met a few cowboys, learned to lasso (probably) and enjoyed a little off-roading in style.

8) You've heard of ice rally but how about ice F1? We sent a super chilled Sébastien Buemi to Quebec where he took the 10-cylinder STR1 across a pretty massive frozen lake, interrupting a spot of hockey in the process and rather upsetting the players. (They still haven't let it go.)

9) F1 politics? No such thing. Well, apart from that time we sent Mark Webber to Parliament Square to wake up Big Ben ahead of the British Grand Prix. After all, some people like a chai latte and a bran muffin, whereas we like a few breakfast donuts and a pit stop.

10) The trouble with inviting a free runner to the factory is that they like running, running, running everywhere! When we heard Ryan Doyle was in town, we sent him on a show run of a different kind and turned the factory into his playground, inspiring the Team no end. Show run? You should see the Tea Run!

Stay tuned and keep your eyes on our social channels for all of the cool stuff above over the next two weeks. We'll have you revved up and ready for Spa before you know it!

Happy holidays!