The GIFs that keep on giving

Everyone loves a GIF, don’t they? They’re the perfect way to say something without actually saying it and they often say it better than words ever could.

This year has been positively bountiful for GIFs, with the bulls providing multiple opportunities to capture the moment. And naturally, being the nerds that we are, we snatch them, chop them up and unleash them on the digital world faster than one of our pitstops. From our driver GIFs to our event grabs, we’ve had a ball making them and even better, you lot have responded in kind.

We’ve trawled through our stash to choose our ten top GIFs of the season for you to enjoy all over again.

1. Stick em' up - United States GP

Howdy! To say that Daniel loves the US GP is an understatement so when we asked him to get dressed up for it, Texan style, he was way ahead of us. This sums up the love in one majestic GIF.

2. Max's Meg - Brazil GP

Delivering the perfect caneta! We got the bulls on the ball in Brazil where Max dropped this cheeky little number. The perfect reaction to use online for Max’s other cheeky little numbers.

3. Wheelspin In Sand - US Roadtrip Part Two

Props to our Pit Crew! When we told them we were sending them to the beach, this wasn’t quite what they had in mind but they delivered the perfect Miami slice with this one.

4. Daniel's Dive - Monaco GP

Pure Monaco magic. You know when you want something so much that it hurts and then you finally get it? We can all relate to this outstanding GIF.

5. Bulls Let Loose - Zandvoort Showrun

“You guys look good from behind!” Don’t they, though? When DC, Daniel and Max fried some tyres and dished up donuts at Zandvoort it gave us the GIF that dreams are made of. Simply lovely.

6. Drifiting Down Under - Australia GP

It turns out that you can contain Mad Mike in a GIF after all. When he took Daniel for a spin around Albert Park in the Mazda MX-5 it gave us a suitably gnarly digital drift.

7. Hit Them High - Daniel and Max

These have been masses of fun on our channels. Proving that GIFs say it best, this bull high-five has served time during our race commentary and in conversation with you all. It sums up this pair perfectly. High fives all round!

8. Hittin' The Open Road - US Road Trip Part One

Road trippin’ in the USA! Daniel’s US summer trip was monumental and this sweet GIF captured the experience in a nutshell. Our hats remain firmly tipped.

9. Volcano Run - Azerbaijan GP

Remember when we let our bulls loose in a Lada Niva for a face off against some local experts? It delivered a GIF derby that’s for sure – you all went nuts for this one!

10. Starting Off In Style

DisruptoBull! It was wet and it was cold but we had a challenger to launch. The RB14 made her debut at Silverstone in February and what better way to do it than with a stunning test livery to disrupt the GIFs?

We’ve loved GIF swapping with you this year and we can’t wait to do it again next season. Here’s to all the GIFs yet to come!