Going off-track in 2017!

At Red Bull Racing we take Formula One very seriously. The trick, however, is to not take yourself too seriously.

This is a sport, not a dental practice, and the point is to enjoy it. So, at the track, we're ultra-professional; off-track, well, maybe not so much and in this our drivers like to lead by example. In that spirit we've put together our end-of-year alternative highlights reel, showcasing some of our pre-race weekend activations, plus a few moments that – unfairly perhaps – didn't make it into other videos.

F1 takes us to some brilliant places, none of which can be seen from an airport, a chain hotel or a concrete pitlane garage. So, in an effort to ensure our drivers get to witness at least some of it, we like to throw them headfirst into the locale.* From whitewater rafting on the St Lawrence river to Kendo lessons in Toyko, Max and Daniel get to experience quite a bit more than the average F1 driver. The results can be a bit... unpredictable – but a good time is had by all.

*The producers would like to assure viewers that no F1 drivers were harmed during the making of this documentary. Or if they were, it's their own faults. Because they're idiots.