Into the Great Wide Open

Ahh, the Shanghai paddock. To say it’s capacious is a bit of an understatement. It is, in fact, enormous, gargantuan, humungous, positively brobdingnagian*.

Indeed, it's so flippin' big that we reckon that apart from F1 it might be usable for all of this too:

  1. Drag strip – The paddock is easily a quarter-mile in length, so install some bleachers, put up the lights, build yourself a machine best fuelled with moonshine and banjos and yeehaw, we got ourselves some Funny Car racin'!
  2. Recreate the Wright Brothers' first flight: Wilbur and Orville needed just 37m to make aviation history at Kittyhawk, North Carolina in 1903 by fortunately seeing their Wright Flyer live up to its name. We could re-stage that landmark event at least 20 times here in China.
  3. Break the record for world's longest golf hole: as far we can tell, the current holder is the third hole of the Gunsan County Club in South Korea, which is marginally over 1km in length, and carries a par of seven. We could beat that; we could definitely beat that.
  4. Build another grand prix track: it's not like the sport hasn't raced in what amounts to a large parking lot before – Caesar's Palace anyone?
  5. Land the freight: Just be done with it – put in the runway lights, alert the local aviation authorities and land the air freight directly into the paddock. It would save so much time and effort.

(*yeah, alright, we used a thesaurus website and enjoyed the Gulliver's Travel reference)