Here for the GIFs

There’s almost nothing our team loves more than a GIF. And if you only knew the hours spent pouring over content and chuckling away as magical little story slices are created to light up social.

With plenty of action happening on and off the track all season, there’s been a feast of opportunity for a good GIF this year so we thought it would be fun to revisit ten of our favourites. 

Dunes for days 

Rolling into the top ten, this recent addition to the GIF cabinet saw Max and Alex kicking off the final race of the year with some seriously fun air time in a dune buggy. Dakar next, lads?

Nightmare at 33,000 feet…  

“Perform a pit-stop at 33,000 feet on board an IIlyushin II-76 MDK cosmonaut training plane? Hold my Red Bull!” Not that we wanted to give you vertigo, but when the footage is this good…

A taste of racing history

When Max was offered the chance to drive the legendary RA272, which powered Honda to their first F1 victory in 1965, it gave him the ride of a lifetime and us some superb GIFs!

The finish line is never the end 

Our friends at Honda knocked it out of the park with an incredible animation featuring their F1 drivers, which GIFted us this absolute stunner featuring our very own Dutchman in action. 

Skip to it, Alex!

Alex’s dedication to his pre-session warm up was such a fine candidate for social gold that we couldn’t ignore it. Because who doesn’t need more Alex in their timeline?

Dropping donuts and beats

When DC hopped over to Cape Town for a show run, he delivered more than just donuts! After racing a taxi through the streets, he took time out to get his groove on with his new mates.

Flying high in Spielberg 

When Pierre swapped his wheels for wings with Red Bull Air Race pilot Martin Sonka, it presented us with a fantastic opportunity to grab some big air, GIF style. 

Ice, ice baby 

Two drivers, two karts and an ice track. If that’s not a recipe for a great GIF, then we don’t know what is. 

Cars on film  

When Max took the RB15 for a track day in Barcelona, it gave us some up close and personal GIFs of our stunning challenger in action, simply so we could share them with you. 

The GIFs that keep on giving 

We love them. You love them. The drivers? Well, they soon get used to clowning around in front of the camera if we give them enough snacks. Our favourites by miles, the driver GIFs give us heart eyes all season.

We’ll be back with plenty more GIFs next season!