How we filled the F1 void

It feels like a lifetime ago now that we kicked off the 2017 season, but remember all those gloomy grey months when there was no F1? Over three months without track walks, garage playlists, Spy doing the spy thing, and the sweet, sweet sound of cars whizzing around? It just doesn't bear thinking about.

We're being dramatic of course, but once the season opener is go, everything just feels right again, doesn't it? The Team was pretty busy throughout the off-season, what with new cars to build and all that jazz, but we couldn't leave you lot without your F1 fix, could we? Here's a look back at some of the highlights of how we filled that F1 void.

Bored Drivers video
F1 drivers without races to race are a pain in the wotsit, honestly. Hanging around the garage, getting in the way and fiddling with bits of cars that shouldn't be fiddled with. It's like having two oversized, unhappy squirrels about the place. Unfortunately, there's only so much gym / simulator / Snapchat time in the day so that leaves plenty of time for them to get fidgety. We thought we'd show you that it's not just you who misses F1 during the break - Daniel and Max do too.

RB13 launch, Circuit de Catalunya
There's nothing like a major deadline to give you a nice stretch of sleepless nights. But when it's a deadline for the date that you're launching your brand new challenger, the RB13, it's a very good, very thrilling stretch. Being number 13 might be considered unlucky by some but we thrive on challenge and this time we're looking to break superstition. We unveiled our new beauty just ahead of the first day of Winter testing, with an extra twinkle in her eye.

F1 Winter Testing, Circuit de Catalunya
For those of you lucky enough to go along, the Winter test is the first proper chance to not only see what the cars are made of on track but to also get a good look at those brand new liveries. Between pink, orange and the vivid new outfit of our sister team, it's a truly colourful line up this year and it certainly gave you lot something to talk about. Testing also has an especially magical and thrilling vibe as it marks the start of a whole new year of excitement and adrenaline to come.

Dakar Rally 2017
The world of motorsport gave us plenty of ways to get our adrenaline fix over the winter, not least with the ultimate test of man and machine: the Dakar Rally. Athletes from the Red Bull motorsports family got down and dirty in South America on their wheels of choice but the weather refused to play ball and several Dakar regulars were forced to drop out. Incredibly, Slovakian rider Ivan Jakes defined the spirit of the Dakar by continuing after being struck by lightning! Throughout, Red Bull TV's Dakar Daily sessions kept us on track on with the action. Catch up with them here.

Marc Marquez – Kitzbühel
Hot on the heels of Max Verstappen's Austrian mountain climb in our championship-winning RB7, Red Bull family member and MotoGP rider Marc Marquez gave the RC213V a snowy workout with the help of Austrian ice speedway legend Franky Zorn and some special tyre spikes, thus becoming the first person to handle the legendary Hahnenkamm on a MotoGP bike. We can't wait to see who has a crack at alternative Austrian mountain climbing next. Spy in a Red Bull Kamaz truck, anyone? Check out all the action here.

Over the Winter, we found plenty of other adrenaline fixes in the shape of Red Bull Crashed Ice, Red Bull PlayStreets, WRC 2017 and more, including stacks of cool content on So, whenever you've got an F1-free weekend this season, just head over to or, because the family has most definitely got your back.