Hungary for more!

It’s that time again. Yep, we’re bringing our annual donut delivery to the good folks of Budapest on May 1st. We absolutely love taking part in the Nagy Futam, aka the The Great Run, aka the marvellous Hungarian Labour Day jamboree, so we’re thrilled whenever they invite us back to fry some tyres and smoke things up a bit.

The event has become something of a favourite tradition for the team but if this is your first time in attendance, lucky you! You’ll get to see Max ripping up downtown Pest in our championship-winning, V8-singing RB8 along with some other motorsports faces and their wheels (cars, motorbikes and trucks!), including rallycross champion Krisztián Szabó and Dakar rally legend, Balázs Szalay.

It’ll be Max’s second year at Nagy Futam and in previous years, we’ve had DC, Daniel Ricciardo and Dany Kvyat taking part. It’s always stacks of fun and is a brilliant day out for the whole family, not least because of the stunning location. See you there!

What is it?

Our annual Live Demo event in Hungary as part of the Nagy Futum, aka The Great Run.

When and where is it?

The streets of Budapest, Hungary on May 1st at 2pm. 

Event location: Elisabeth Square, Andrassy Avenue and Oktogon. 

Who will be there?

Max Verstappen, the RB8, a heap of motorsports faces and some classic cars. 

Anything else I need to know?

It’s FREE, which makes it extra awesome. However, if you can't make it then follow all the action on our social channels.