It's beginning to look a lot like...

Yes, the other silly season is upon us.

Even if the snowy stuff hasn't reached us yet, here in MK festive frolics are everywhere. People are drinking lattes that look like desserts, Spy has had his mince pies out, and Daniel and Max have been spotted in some sort of seasonal fancy dress. It actually feels pretty nice, doesn't it?

Our friends at have been getting into the spirit of things too, by throwing a bit of a party to celebrate their arrival on Instagram. Every day until December 24th you can win cool stuff from the world of Red Bull, just by following and taking part in their daily challenges. They've lined up plenty of surprises and you'll see a few familiar faces from the Team, too! Head over to their Instagram to take part.

Meanwhile, some of us are in a mild panic because there are gifts to buy and well, we haven't got any yet. What do you buy for the racing fan in your life? A VIP hospitality seat at their next home race is probably the answer but if you're after something a little more wrappable, here are a few suggestions to suit everyone on your list.

1. The Garage Lover
No, not that kind of garage! You know the one - always in the garage or the shed, mucking about with mucky things and wielding a screwdriver like a lightsabre. They've always got a tool for whatever it is that needs doing and they just love a DIY challenge! Kit out their workshop in style with a handy new tool set and watch them get to work. (Then sneak out, quietly, to do something else instead.)

2. The Model Collector
Collecting model cars absolutely is for everyone. After all, who doesn't love a tiny and perfect replica of their favourite racing car? Or a tiny and perfect replica of their favourite racing driver decked out in special racing Lederhosen? There are plenty of choices, from Dakar favourites to the Red Bull Mini and, naturally, some of our own garage collectables too.

3. The Snuggler
Some people don't want chocolate or soap-on-a-rope, they want cosy jumpers. Even better if it's a cosy jumper that you can wear all year round. Like a ho-ho-hoody, perhaps! A hoody is definitely going to keep you nice and snug while you're flopped on the cushions, dog on lap, watching festive essentials (Home Alone, Die Hard and Muppet Christmas Carol to the uninitiated) plus it's got pockets for hiding festive snacks in!

4. The Tea Lover
It wouldn't be the holly-day without getting a new mug! It's the best way to stamp your mark on the workplace kitchen and ensure that everyone knows which one is yours when it's time for the tea run. It's also handy for filling up with hot chocolate and nutmeg and yummy marshmallows.

5. The Fashionista
We've all got one on our list. They'll turn up for lunch in the latest kicks or the snazziest jumper, with perfect hair and a cheesy grin, looking like it was no effort at all while you've been sweating over the cooker all morning. They're impossible to buy for because they're super fussy, but guess what? They can't turn down a cool new beanie, especially one in team colours! They might even do the washing up if you're lucky. Achievement unlocked!

For even more gift ideas, head over to and don't forget to check out #INSTAdvent here.