Kazakh Adventure

Our Live Demo team will be next appearing in Almaty in Kazakhstan, for a show run taking place between the grands prix of Monaco and Canada.

David Coulthard will be making a welcome return to showcar action, piloting the RB7 through the streets of Kazakhstan's most populous city. The 1km track, stretching from Zheltoksan Street to Dostyk Avenue will allow DC to put the record-breaking, double-winning car through its full array of donuts, burnouts and speed runs, thrilling what should be a huge crowd with what, for most, will be their first look at an F1 car up close and personal.

"It's an exciting opportunity for me," said David. "Driving the RB7 is always a lot of fun but when we take it to meet a new audience, that's always a little bit more special."

The Live Demo show will take place on Sunday, 1 June and is, as usual, entirely free to attend. In addition to the mighty RB7, also appearing will be Ukrainian drift champion Aleksandr Grinchuk showing off an awesome set of skills that have to be seen to be believed.