A little retail therapy, F1 style

That end-of-term feeling is all over the factory this week and there's no escaping it. The Team are still in their Budapest Bermudas, paperwork is being swept under desks and even the wind and rain can't damage those smiles. The season break is nearly here!

Of course, we appreciate that you lot are going to miss the shiny metal things whizzing around the track and we will too, but just between you and us, we're really looking forward to stuff like clearing out the shed, watching daytime telly and eating our bodyweight in crisps for a few weeks. However, that doesn't really help you, does it?

Fear not! Our friends at Red Bull Shop will help you handle the F1 blues. What better way to fill the time than by filling your wardrobe? They're giving you up to 30% off selected racing gear during the break so now's the perfect time to get your paws on stuff that you've had your eye on all season.

We've already got our eyes on a few bits to get us through. For example, some comfy PUMA trackies and a hoody are perfect for slobbing on the sofa, watching Undercover Boss USA and eating onion rings.

Meanwhile, as the holiday always seems to mean going on a day trip, a roomy backpack is essential along with a cap, a cool T-shirt, a pair of snazzy boardies and some comfy kicks for pulling off the ultimate tourist cosplay.

Finally, a break means a chance to let one's hair down a bit and maybe even go for a few shandies with the mates you don't get to see all season, so a stylish and sporty shirt is a must-have for those sundowners and nights out, especially if it happens to be in team colours.

There's plenty more awesome summer gear on offer over at redbullshop.com right here. Just remember to add code F1SUMMERBREAK at the checkout to get 30% off. As ever, don't forget to show us your new gear selfies on social!