Live & Loud in Mexico City!

As F1 gears up to return to Mexico City later this year, join us live for our next Live Demo at The Zócalo in Mexico City!

It's odd how some places where you would expect F1 to thrive are absent from the calendar, how places where there's a great grand prix tradition and where the people are passionate about the sport that have fallen by the wayside.

Up until this year a case in point was Mexico. The country had real heritage in the sport – thanks to Ricardo and Pedro Rodriguez in the 1960s and the great races held at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in the '80s and early '90s – but it had not featured on the schedule since 1992.

Now that's all about to change as F1 gears up to return to Mexico City later this year. It's already a sell-out and the excitement is brewing. So how do we amp that up to fever pitch? Oh yeah, we're doing a special show car run there.

That's pretty awesome. So when's that happening?
On the 27th of June in downtown Mexico City.

The phrase 'downtown Mexico City' could describe an area the size of Luxembourg, what exactly does 'downtown' mean?
When we say downtown we mean right in the heart of the city. For this very special show car run we're taking over the historic Zócalo.

The what-a-lo?
The Zócalo. Officially it's known as the Plaza de la Constitución (get the map here), but everyone just calls it the Zócalo (plinth), owing to the base of a column that was built to commemorate independence but the tower was not completed. The Zócalo was also at the heart of the great Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, with the ancient complex's Templo Mayor, the seat of Aztec power, just one block away. It's about as historic as it gets.

So what's the plan then? What will the team be doing?
The plaza is one of the world's largest city squares, measuring 57,600 m2 (240 m × 240 m), which makes it the ideal place to bring an F1 car up to screaming, donut-turning speed. Daniel and Carlos will put the RB7 through its very potent paces and they'll also have an Infiniti's Q50, at their disposals for some extra high-speed laps. It should be blast.



Sounds like it. Are the drivers up for it?

They certainly are. Here's Daniel: "It'll be the first time our show car team has been in Mexico and I think everyone is up for putting on a really big show. The square looks massive so I think I should be able to really give the car a good workout," he added. "Mexico City's huge and I know that Mexican people are really into F1, so I 'm looking forward to seeing just how big a crowd we can bring out on the day!"

And Carlos: "I'm really looking forward to my trip to Mexico. I have no memory of it, but my parents tell me I have actually been there before, when I was about two or three years old. Mexico City is a very interesting place to visit and what I do know is that it's always special to drive a Formula One car through city streets. It's a great way for people to get an idea what F1 is about before we return for the first Grand Prix to be held in Mexico in a very long time. I'll be trying to put on the best show possible for all the spectators. Come along and see us!"

Sounds great. How can I see it?
If you're in Mexico City, just turn up. The whole show is free gratis. Just bring some mates, your camera and some earplugs. As the movie title says: 'it might get loud'. Do come early, though. We're expectin! it'll be busy.

Wait a minute, I don't live in Mexico City, I'm going to miss it...
Not at all. You can get involved in this very special demo following us on social, just use the hashtag #F1RedBullCDMX and take part in the conversation!

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