Max on 2018

Today it's Max Verstappen's turn to face the camera for our traditional pre-season Q&A.

As the launch of the car and the start of winter testing draws ever closer, both our drivers are a near constant presence at the factory, putting in the hours in the simulator or stalking impatiently around the race bays, watching the RB14 take shape. Much to the relief of his mechanics, Max did manage to tear himself away for a few minutes to take a seat on our sofa and answer a few questions.

As always with Max, it makes interesting viewing. There's a mix of topics, ranging from his highlights of 2017 to his thoughts on the softer 2018 tyres. He talks about goals for the 2018 campaign, opinions on the halo ("Ugly!"), advice from his Dad and the mood in the team.

So, to find out what Max is really thinking, hit play.