Model employee…

It’s common practice these days for our drivers to go into a post-race interview session clutching a trophy and offering profound thanks to the guys at the factory...

The crew at the track get their dues too, but it's the hundreds of people back at base that get the credit for going the extra mile in pursuit of excellence. On the face of it, they deserve it: the hours are incredibly long, the work is exceptionally difficult and the glamour of Formula One is usually thousands of miles away. When Daniel or Seb stand up and say thanks, the sincerity is obvious – because they really do think spending 18 hours a day shut deep in the bowels of the factory is the seventh circle of Hell.

...but it isn't. It's brilliant.

At least that's the case if designing and building Formula One cars is your passion. And we're lucky to have a group of people who simply love what they do. They turn up early, stay late and the HR department has to resort to tears and outrageous bribery just to get people to take up their holiday allowance. The crew that design and manufacturer our cars are as enthusiastic as the ones that race them – and we have absolute certainty that on many occasions we've won races because the factory has gone above and beyond to get parts out to the track and onto the cars days and weeks ahead of schedule.

The only clock that's being watched is the one that measures lap-time.

A great example is the case of composite design engineer Paul Bischof. Paul's the focus of a wonderful documentary shot by David Betteridge for our technical partners at Siemens PLM.

Paul studied mechanical engineering at the Graz University of Technology in Austria but his fascination with composite materials stretches back way beyond that. From the age of eight, he's been building paper models of planes and cars, and for the last decade has been building 1/10th scale models of Formula One and sports cars. Pauls' work is... flawless. Each model contains around 6,500 individual parts, takes upwards of a year to complete and can be seen on Paul's blog. It's the sort of thing that can really catch the attention – which is why our chief designer Rob Marshall wrote to Paul and asked if he might be available to come to Milton Keynes for a little chat...

Paul still spends his (incredibly limited) free time building paper dreams but during the working day he's using Siemens PLM software to do something very similar on a workstation in our design office, albeit with carbon fibre rather than cardboard, tinfoil and discarded giftwrap. He says it best himself: "The best thing about working at Red Bull is that it's basically my hobby!"

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