Look sharp – the season is in sight! And we’re thrilled to be racing into a new one with our friends at DITA by our side.

Makers of extraordinary eyewear for over 20 years, DITA has been keeping the Team kitted out in style since 2018, bringing not only stunning shades to the stable but philosophy too. Fusing innovative technology with bold design, taking inspiration from the past but always with an eye on the future? Now that’s what we call vision.

So then, we were delighted when DITA invited us to provided inspiration on its stunning new sunglasses range: the DITA Lancier. Brand new eyewear inspired by athletes who push the limits of speed and endurance in the most technologically advanced and compelling arenas in sport? Count us in.

What’s it all about? Performance, stacks of it. Designed for land, sea and air, DITA Lancier combines advanced lens technology with tailor-made functionality so that you can focus without fuss. Your perfect teammate for driving, running, sailing, skiing, even flying, this eyewear will have your back when you need it most.

In a nutshell, that means dedicated sunglasses for your favourite pursuit. Water babies will love the elimination of surface glare on open water, while those who live life above ground level will appreciate enhanced contrast and precision no matter what the elevation. Meanwhile, for drivers, runners and cyclists, DITA Lancier's blinding glare reduction and increased natural depth perception mean that the view is one challenge you won’t need to worry about. And if that all sounds super nerdy, that’s because it is and we can’t get enough of it.

Naturally, Max and Pierre can’t wait to bring DITA Lancier along for the season and you’ll see them rocking their Lanciers from race to race, along with another familiar face from the family, Red Bull Air Race Champion Kirby Chambliss. After all, if anyone understands the importance of combining maximum performance with personal flair, they do.

If you fancy a closer look at the new range, DITA Lancier is offering you a sneak peek of the Lancier all month, taking in Sydney, Los Angeles, Toronto, Rotterdam, Munich and more. You’ll be one of the first to see the collection and witness DITA Lancier’s stunning new designs up close and personal. Head over to the official event page to find out more. (Space is limited but we hope the nibbles aren’t!)

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