Two fastest laps, fifth in the Monaco Grand Prix and sixth in the Drivers’ Championship Standings. After six races, Pierre Gasly is convinced that now the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit and that the best is yet to come…

Pierre we’re six races into the season, so how are you settling in with the team so far?

Pretty good. I think it’s better race by race. Of course, I would like everything to be perfect already but coming into a new team – new people, new faces, new car – there are so many things to get used to. 

I could feel it took a bit of time at the beginning, but slowly we are maximising everything. There’s still some work to do, but there’s a really good atmosphere in the team. Everything is going well with Max and also with the engineers – it’s our first time working together – so things are definitely coming together.

Do you feel like you had to change your driving style slightly with the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB15? 

Yeah, I had to adapt a bit to this car and the package as it is at the moment and that takes a bit of time. I tried to change a little bit and it seems to work. There’s still more to do but, as I said, it’s coming together race by race and we are finding a direction that comes a bit more towards my natural driving style.

Has having a Team Principal like Christian Horner helped you settle in, and what sort of advice has he helped you with so far? 

He’s really involved. Not only in how you feel inside the Team, but also the driving style. He questions you about a few things during the weekend, after each session, what are we planning to do, things that are good, things we can improve. He’s really involved, which is good, and he’s really supportive.

For sure, it hasn’t been the smoothest start to the season for us but slowly all the pieces are coming together. It’s been great to have him helping me know a bit more about the Red Bull culture and all the people in the team.

How important has the Red Bull Junior Team been in preparing you? 

Without the Red Bull Junior Team I would not have been in the Toro Rosso or at Red Bull. Also, coming to the factory when I was younger, for simulator sessions, working with the engineers, some of whom are still working with the team. It’s a different relationship now that I’m a race driver but it all really helps. 

Since joining Red Bull you’ve done some pretty fun things? Which has been your favourite?

One of the best was skydiving. It’s something I probably would have not done without Red Bull. I was like ‘OK, it’s all managed by Red Bull, so everything is going to be safe’, and that gave me the extra confidence to make the jump. I did that in Dubai and it was pretty amazing, one of the best things I have done in my life. 

With Red Bull you have so many opportunities to do cool stuff. In Barcelona I met Neymar, who is my favourite soccer player. There are so many things that come thanks to the Red Bull Family. 

In China, with Heineken, you went to play football with some legends of the game. How did you enjoy that? 

That was pretty awesome. Actually, it was Chinese football, which was kind of weird, but still, playing football with some legends was… You would never do these things without Red Bull and it’s amazing to live moments like that.

Would you fancy giving those guys a hot lap in exchange?

I’d be happy to do that! That’s what we are planning with Luis Figo, so we’ll have to make that happen.

Going back to racing, what are your expectations for the rest of the season? Are you taking each race as it comes and building on that? 

I’m a competitive guy and I like to perform at my best. At the moment it’s taking a bit more time than I would like to really perform the way I want. I’m working the best I can to really put everything together and to be able to deliver my best. 

I think now we are in a pretty good position with the car. We have more upgrades coming on both the engine and chassis side and for sure areaiming for podiums. I’ll keep learning on my side with the car and adjusting to the package, to be able to get really good results.