Preparing to run with the world

Recently we told you about the Wings for Life: World Run that we'll all be taking part in later this year. If you didn't see it, then here's the gist...

On May 4, in 38 locations on six continents, runners will simultaneously start a unique race. Not only will the race be starting at in the small hours of the morning, in broad daylight, or in the twilight hours according to time zone, but it'll also be a test of endurance and pace. At each race, there's no finish line but runners will be up against a chase car, which will relentlessly hunt them down, eliminating them as they are caught. The runners will get a decent head start but once the pursuit vehicle fires up, it's a race to see who can put the greatest distance on the board before being caught.

It's all in a really good cause too, with any money raised going directly to the Wings for Life spinal injury research charity.

Now we've got a fair few keen athletes on the team who are gearing up to take part in the UK run at Silverstone, but this being F1 all our lot are hyper-competitive souls and they've already started getting into boot camp-style training for this unique event. And proving grounds don't come more punishing than the Malaysian or Bahrain Grand prix circuits.

At the past couple of weekends grand prix, a bunch of our most fearless runners took to the circuit for a run wearing Wings for Life World Run t-shirts in order to promote the May race. It might have been the evening time but in Malaysia or bahrain there's no let up from the sweltering heat and energy-sapping humidity. All of our runners got through the ordeal, however, and are hoping that their efforts encourage a few other paddock people to join the World Run.

To get involved check out the many World Run locations HERE

And for a more detailed look at how the World Run works and what's involved we've prepared these little infographics. You can't say we never do anything for you!