Race Hospitality

With our Paddock Club facilities located directly above the pitlane garages we aim to take you right to the heart of the grand prix action.

Formula One's status at motor racing's highest level is built upon a heady blend of cutting edge science, heroic sporting action, fast-paced decision-making and high-end glamour. No other sport can offer such an intoxicating brew and as our guest we'll put you right in the middle of that mix.

From heritage-rich heartland classics of the sport, to eye-popping state-of-the-art venues such as sun-soaked Abu Dhabi, our VIP Hospitality Suites, located above the pit lane, provide the perfect platform from which to reach out and touch the world's fastest sport.

And it is a truly immersive experience. Ringside seats above the team's garage afford a bird's eye perspective over crucial pit stops and a commanding, adrenaline-pumped view of the race start and of the moment of victory.

Our HD video wall also means you won't miss a single race incident once the grand prix is underway. Our live streams from the pit wall and from the garage via our Pit Link system will also keep you one step ahead of every strategic twist and turn as the grand prix evolves.

While the race is the focal point, there's plenty of action spread across the weekend and we'll have experts on hand every step of the way to explain the minutiae of how F1 teams continually ramp up performance as the event unfolds.

The real experts though are those at the sharp end of the competition and the stars of the show – our drivers and senior team personnel – who will also drop by to offer key insights into how the team's fortunes are progressing.

It's not all about the on-track excitement, though. F1 is as much lifestyle as it is sport and our hospitality programme also includes superb gourmet fare freshly prepared by internationally renowned chefs, all-day access to our exceptional Red Bull bar and of course some of the party atmosphere we're renowned for.

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Fancy spying on our garage and getting insider info on how we do things over a race weekend? Got some burning questions about F1 that are keeping you awake at night?

Join us at an Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Paddock Club™ party.This exclusive evening event will take place at the Belgian and US Grands Prix and is your chance to join the team for delicious nibbles, a fine wine or two and, of course, a few cans of Red Bull.

That’s not all, though! Via a live camera feed into our garage, we’ll encourage you to spy on our engineers and mechanics doing what they do best: getting the RB15 race-ready! We’ll also give you a full overview of how we do things on an F1 weekend, packed full of insights and insider info, and you’ll be able to ask anything you like of our experts.

We’ll also give you the chance to win some exclusive signed memorabilia and, when you’ve had your fill of cocktails and F1 talk, you’ll leave with a special gift from F1 Experiences and the Team. 

Sound good? Treat yourself or your team to the experience and check out all the details here.