Receiving a volley

Before getting down to the serious business of the weekend our drivers like to relax a little and this week, with a little help from our friends at Puma, Daniel and Max got to experience the most Brazilian hybrid sport possible: futevôlei.

Think of Brazil and you think of football – or possibly, if your mind works that way – beach volleyball. Futevôlei is the perfect synthesis of the two: volleyball... with the feet. And while São Paulo might not have the glorious stretches of white sand synonymous with other Brazilian cities, futevôlei courts are plentiful.

After mucking about on quadbikes, the boys got to hone their techniques with some of São Paulo's best futevôlei players before participating in a three-a-side match on courts at the Jockey Club.

As is often the case, what they lacked in expertise they more-than made up for with enthusiasm, and when up to speed the flurry of diving headers and bicycle kicks was a sight to behold. While not posing much danger to those on the other side of the net, nearby windows, trees and local wildlife were definitely at risk, as were the cheerful crowd that turned up to watch.

Faced with two very competitive drivers, the referee wisely declared everyone a winner, and allowed Max and Daniel to depart with several prize pairs of new Puma trainers in hand. The boys headed to the track, convinced the mantle of Jairzinho and Zico is theirs for the taking: though our video of the event may suggest the best place for them to show off their silky skills remains the 71 laps of Interlagos scheduled for Sunday.