Reviving The Dead Sea

Containers just packed after the Chinese Grand Prix and already heading to the next stop of the F1 calendar but back at base our Live Demo Team have already headed to our next global adventure. On this occasion we've packed two key ingredients to spice up the show... the V8 power of our double championship winning RB7 and a speed fuelled French racing driver.

For the next stop on our Middle Eastern tour we visit the Dead Sea in Jordan!

Like ships in the night the Live Demo Team were packing their bags and jetting off to Jordan today as the Race Team started arriving back from China. The one-kilometer track, starting from the street beside Samarah Mall, will be witness to the action in the center of the Dead Sea.

In the early part of the season we kicked things off with our Live Demo team visiting a rather unexpectedly wet Muscat in Oman. Being the thrill seeking bunch we are we got out the extreme wets and managed to pull off sprints, kicking up loads of spray and throwing in a handful of donuts to keep the thousands upon thousands of fans entertained who had braved the elements to see David Coulthard abuse the double championship-winning RB7 and put it through it's paces.

On our next stop, taking place on Friday April 22nd, Pierre Gasly will be jumping in the hot seat of the RB7 and be performing a full repertoire of donuts, burnouts and speed stretches in front of motorsports fans who will line the sides of the Hotels street.

Accompanied by The Royal Falcons and renowned motorbike stunt rider Rok Bagoros, the one-of-its-kind show is free to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

To follow all the action on Friday check out #F1DeadSea on Twitter and Instagram.