The scenic route

This summer we're hitting the open road...

F1’s summer break conjures up images of sun-soaked beaches, lazy days spent beside the pool – airport novel in one hand, goblet of tiny umbrella-bedecked fruity beverage in the other – and quiet evenings nodding off to the sound of waves gently lapping…

Aw, nuts to that! Any kind of break is useful for one thing and one thing alone – a massive road trip. And recently we’ve been tinkering away at the mother of all journeys – across the USA, from coast to coast, in the daddy of all our championship-winning machines, the RB7.

The only trick was convincing one of our drivers to head to the US for an extended period in which he could hoon about at various iconic American locations, yee-hawing to his heart’s content. Now which one of those might… Oh, hello Daniel!

Where to start, though, east coast or west? Answer: follow the sunshine, and that meant San Francisco and an early morning crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge, before heading downtown to scare the pants off the city’s early risers with a flat-out blast through the CBD.

Next up, we head for the wild, wild west, racing through one of America’s most beautiful landscapes, Utah’s Monument Valley. Now, much though Daniel loved powering past the towering mesas of this incredibly scenic corner of the US, he did admit to feeling a little bit isolated out in the badlands, and so he suggested we might take a little detour south, to Sin City itself, Las Vegas, Nevada.  

And under the glittering lights of the Strip is where the first instalment of our mammoth transatlantic road trip ends. Enjoy this epic slice of Americana.