Shaken, not Stirred

We’re marking the World Championship’s 1007th race at Silverstone this weekend, celebrating all things James Bond with a little help from our friends at Aston Martin and Eon Productions and the Bulls will be wearing special edition Puma race suits for the occasion!

The RB15s are carrying the famous 007 logos and Q Division at our factory in Milton Keynes have knocked up some fabulous threads for Max and Pierre to wear in this afternoon’s British Grand Prix.

0033 and 0010 are, of course, effortlessly stylish under any circumstances, but they’ll be at their most debonair today, having relinquished their standard racing overalls for something a little more elegant. They will be attired in a unique creation, designed to emulate the classic single-breasted dinner suit, complete with shawl lapel, sported by Daniel Craig’s 007. The suits, of course, meet all of the relevant FIA specs, but the factory has also incorporated a radar jammer, explosive cummerbund and a set of skeleton keys hidden under the rather daring gauntlet cuff.

We do, of course, have a history of memorable overalls, from David Coulthard’s Superman outfit on the podium in Monaco to last year’s cowboy-themed ensemble in Austin, not to forget our famous faux-lederhosen at the Red Bull Ring – but the chance to dress up as James Bond was simply too good to miss.

Sadly, the scrutineers took a dim view of the RB15’s sidepod-mounted machine guns and rear wing rocket launcher and we were required to remove those in parc ferme after qualifying and thus, will be relying on more conventional overtaking tactics this afternoon but we’re hopeful that, before getting to the baccarat and dry martinis we’ll have the opportunity for a champagne cocktail.