Show run Showdown 2019

One of the Team’s favourite things to do is to take the F1 experience around the world in the form of our show runs.

If you’ve never been to one or are new to F1, allow us to explain. Taking place at circuits, events, festivals and on city streets, our show runs give F1 fans the chance to enjoy the ferocity and beauty of an F1 car in action, up close and personal. Our drivers take turns to pilot the cars and sometimes very special guests do too, including Tom Cruise! 

We’ve skated on frozen rivers, hit up the Himalayas and baked under the desert sun, and we’re always seeking out new pastures. This year we’ve had some truly standout show runs. Here’s a recap of our favourites.


What a way to kick off the new season! In March the Bulls took a detour ahead of Melbs to deliver some donuts at the home of our new power unit partner, Honda. A special street circuit was created for the event in Tokyo and fans were treated to some very tasty burnouts.


Who doesn’t love a double date? In April, we hung out in Hanoi with our friends at Heineken to celebrate the very first Vietnamese Grand Prix, which arrives in 2020. Jake Dennis and DC were at the wheel and they did a fine job of bringing the noise to a very excited crowd. 


How else would you celebrate the return of the Dutch GP other than by getting Max to do a hot lap of Zandvoort? Something of a tradition, this year’s Jumbo Racing Day saw the Bulls back at the circuit for more high-speed fun in our double-championship winning RB7s, to the delight of the packed grandstands.

South Africa

You know, they’ve always said that F1 cars sing. In the summer, DC brought the mother of all donuts to the streets of Cape Town and as a surprise, the RB7 played the National Anthem for the crowd. “This is a way of us spreading the love and putting our arms around a country,” said DC. We think we’ve got something in our eye.

Japan – Honda

In one of our more unusual outings, ahead of the Japanese GP Max had the chance to sample Honda’s racing history by driving the Grand Prix-winning RA272 F1 car, a stunning 1.5-litre V12 built for the 1965 season, around the Tochigi Proving Ground, before taking our running show car for a few hot laps.

F1 Hollywood Festival

Despite driving all over the US, can you believe we’ve never done Hollywood? We couldn’t either so we thought it was high time we changed it up. Max, Alex and Christian stopped off at the F1 Hollywood Festival and treated Tinseltown to some glitz and glamour, F1 style.