The Showcar Showdown!

Roll up, roll up! It’s time for a Showcar Showdown!

In case you haven’t noticed, we love taking our showcars out for a run. They don’t like being cooped up in the garage and neither do we, after all, we pretty much live for that sweet taste of donuts on the open road. (Or the mountain, or the desert, or the Houses of Parliament.)

In fact, there are few places we won’t try to take our showcars. They’ve been to some incredible locations over the years, like that time David Coulthard rocked the first lap of COTA, cowboy style, or that time Daniel faced off against Bath’s finest rugby players. Most recently, in keeping with some of our trickiest trips, Sébastien Buemi took the RB7 up the Tremolastrasse in Switzerland. A mountain pass might not sound that tricky but when it’s an ancient cobblestone roadway with melting snow, surrounded by terrifying drops, it’s definitely not a walk in the park!

Anyway, we’ve loved them all but it got us wondering: which of our showruns has been your favourite? So, we’re throwing it open to you and asking you to vote on this massively important topic by way of the ultimate test – the Showcar Showdown!

Showcar Showdown: Part II

So, last weekend we asked you all to head over to our Instagram and get voting on your favourite show runs. You didn't let us down! We had over 50,000 votes in the first round and, well, you lot certainly made your feelings clear.

Our Round One winners came out clean on top. Jamie Alguersuari's Dominican Republic Beach Run smashed DC's sizzling COTA lap; Max's mountain-trotting Snow Run peaked over his Zandvoort Lap Record; DC's Seven Star Spin on top of the Burj Al Arab beat Daniel's Bath Rugby Scrum to the podium and (DC again!) the Lincoln Tunnel show run nailed it over Mark Webber's London Pit Stop.

The most popular so far is Max's icy snow run with a whopping 30,889 votes but it hasn't earned the top spot just yet. We've got a second round coming up before the overall winner can be crowned and the competitors are close behind!

Stay tuned for Part II and follow us on Instagram here, where we'll have the final contenders lined up and waiting in our Instagram Stories soon. Want to make sure your favourite wins? Vote!

Of course, the showcar in question won’t receive a trophy but they will get the ultimate props, which will definitely make them the coolest car in the garage.