Showcar Showreel

Every year our Live Demo team huddle up with a massive map and plot and plan to take F1 all over the world. Their fantastic efforts always deliver top class tyre-frying action and 2018 has been packed full of it. Here’s a recap of what they got up to this season.

Bringing it in Budapest        

This year we put Max in the hot seat to deliver donuts and burnouts to the streets of downtown Pest in the RB8 as part of annual Great Run. Relive the action here.

Making a debut in Ho Chi Minh

Who better than globetrotting DC to take F1 to the streets of Vietnam for the first time? With his trusty sidekick, the RB7, the Scot headlined Heineken’s Perfect Experience with F1 festival, putting the double championship winning V8 through its paces in front of tens of thousands of thrilled fans.

Bonjour Marseille!
Ignoring the fresh anxiety lines on the crew’s faces, DC delivered a marvellous sequence along the Quai du Port waterfront at F1 Live in Marseilles in June. A celebration of the returning French GP, everyone enjoyed the action basked in the glow of the sun and umm, the exhausts. Watch it here.

Triple treat in Zandvoort

Honestly, we’re not sure that we’ll ever get sick of watching it. Yes, yes, the caravan shenanigans were magnificent but having Daniel, Max and DC simultaneously dropping donuts at Zandvoort in our RB7 and RB8 challengers? Pure magic.

Back to glorious Goodwood 

We love a far-flung show run but sometimes it’s nice to nip up the road. Amidst the fun of five grands prix in six weeks, our live demo team went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed to give the RB8 a canter around Lord March’s garden with Patrick Friesacher at the wheel. The RB8 also had a few new juniors in the cockpit – it turns out that our mechanics are easily bribed with sweets! 

USA Road Trip

Coast to coast, bragging rights at famous locations, yee-hawing at the top of his lungs – yep, this was Daniel’s dream summer trip. The Aussie followed the sunshine from SF to Utah and Vegas in the RB7, then handed the reins to Max, who took in the stunning Rocky Mountains and made a pit stop in Colorado before heading to Miami for a seaside sundowner.

Watch Part One of the Road Trip.

Watch Part Two of the Road Trip.

Miami Twice

So nice that we went twice! Ahead of the US GP, we sent DC on a high rise challenge at the 1000 Museum building in Miami to make some serious smoke on a helipad in the RB7 with our friends at Citrix. Donuts always taste better when you’ve had to haul up 63 floors to get them! Patrick Freisacher also lit up downtown Miami in the RB7 in the evening, dropping even more donuts and burnouts in front of the crowd.

Dennis does Silverstone

To commemorate 70 years since the first grand prix at the iconic circuit, Jake Dennis got behind the wheel of the RB8 at Silverstone as part of the F1 Legends Parade. Jake drove alongside racing legends, both car and driver, hailing from all seven decades, much to the delight of the crowd.

The ultimate race in Istanbul

A seven-way battle between the world’s fastest vehicles? Bring it on! At the new Istanbul airport, Jake Dennis and the RB8 went head-to-head with the Kawasaki Ninja H2R, the Solutürk F-16, the Tesla Model S P100 D Ludicrous Electric Race Car, the Bombadier Challenger 605, the Lotus Evora GT 410 and the Aston Martin Vantage to see who was the fastest of them all. Check it out!

Going fast in Belfast

When we realised we hadn’t been back to the Emerald Isle since 2010, the team assembled to bring some motorsports mayhem to Belfast. 30,000 ravenous F1 fans showed up to watch DC deliver full-tilt slick moves around Belfast City Hall, Donegal Square and Chichester Street in the RB8 followed by heaps of local legends on various wheels.