Singapore: F1's Glittering Prize

Formula One’s original night race, the Singapore Grand Prix is one our annual faves. Maybe it’s the wonky schedule that turns everyone into creatures of the night, or perhaps it’s the fact that it’s traditionally the first long-haul after the European season, and that’s always kind of fun, but most likely it’s the fact that the race just looks so flipping cool.

One look at those aerial shots of the city. All aglow with Formula One cars blasting round the circuit and it's hard not to believe that you're in some kind of weird Tron-like alternate future racing universe.

Whoah, what's that about? Enough of that nonsense, you don't want our addled ramblings, you want the pertinent, cogent and on-point musings of those in the know. You'll have to settle for Daniel and Max instead...


Singapore – it's got lots and lots of corners, which should suit out car pretty nicely. Is that a fair assumption?

I believe Singapore won't be our only chance but is one of our best chances of a win in the second half of the season. You have to build up speed a little slower in the practice sessions on a street circuit like Singapore. At some point you have to start taking risks but to do that straight away doesn't make sense.

It's routinely one the longest race by duration of the calendar – it often hits the two-hour mark – and the heat and humidity are punishing. Plus, this year's cars are a bit more a handful to drive. How do you prepare for that?

I always prepare for the race with some acclimatisation training. You feel the heat when you're in the car, but when you stop after the race and the adrenaline decreases you feel it even more. After the race I will easily sink five litres of water to rehydrate before I go to bed.

You've got a great record in Singapore. Can you continue it?

I've started second and finished second at this track in the last two years, with fastest lap both times, so my aim this year is definitely to start on pole and try to go one better in the race.



You've finished in the points in both your Singapore outings to date. Can you make it to the podium this year?

I'm looking forward to getting to Singapore as it's always a special weekend. The race has been a strong one for us in the past and I think we should be able to challenge for a podium this year.

We've asked Daniel how he's been preparing for this race; what have you been up to?

The night race and hot temperatures really test you to the limit and for me Singapore is physically the hardest race of the season. I have been preparing already for a few weeks doing heat training in the sauna and getting ready to sweat so I can cope with the heat in both Singapore and Malaysia.

It's a pretty physical race, so what's the circuit like to drive?

The track itself has a lot of corners, which is why I enjoy driving there, and like most street circuits it's pretty bumpy, which makes it even more challenging.