The Sky’s the limit in Dubai

Two weeks ago in the US, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo brought some F1 thunder to thousands of F1 fans on the streets of Austin and as the F1 season approaches its double-points finale in Abu Dhabi, the daring duo will next week be bringing the whole full-throttle show to fans just down the road in Dubai.

The venue for Seb and Dan's latest power play is the superb SkyDive Dubai aerodrome in the heart of the city, neighbouring the luxurious manmade island The Palm Jumeirah and close to Dubai Marina.

The show run, which is being brought to the people of Dubai by Infiniti, is the opening event of the 2014 Dubai Motor Festival and will kick off at 4.30pm next Wednesday (19 November), when the drivers will roll out the double championship-winning RB7 and Infiniti's 560-horsepower behemoth, the Q50 Eau Rouge, which will be making its grand debut in the region.

With a massive runway and apron area to play with the drivers will plenty of room in which to demonstrate just what a title-winning, 750hp, Renault RS27-powered Formula One car and an F1-bred high performance road-going prototype are capable of – which is shorthand for saying that there'll be explosive bursts of insane speed, huge amounts of tyre-shredding donuts and a noise like the crack of doom! Yup, as the movie title said: this might get loud.

Get a flavour of that burning rubber and F1 noise that is set to hit Dubai with a quick look back at the Zero to Infiniti run in downtown Austin below.


Got the taste for another Infiniti powered showrun in Dubai? Check out this promotional teaser video below.