As you might have noticed, when we journey to hot and humid Singapore, we like to really put our drivers to the test in one of the toughest environments in all of world sport. And while they're at it we might let them drive a racing car occasionally.

Yes, indeed, it’s Thursday at Marina Bay, so that can only mean one thing: another round of Dine and Whine with Daniel and Max!

Last year we pushed both drivers to the edge of ‘enduriance’ by getting them to break open durian fruit, the notoriously noxious-smelling delicacy peculiar to South East Asia. There was plenty of gagging and retching, especially from Max, but both managed to get through the test without needing a bucket.

Naturally, we were somewhat disappointed by that and set about finding another culinary challenge that might push them over the edge. In the end we couldn’t find anything quite as out-of-this-world revolting as a durian but flicking through books of Singaporean delicacies we came across the rather tasty looking dish of chilli crab. While the dish is not actually that spicy, its main ingredient is the rather unlovely mud crab and we thought we could have some fun with that, especially as Max is no fan of seafood.

The drivers, who were kept in the dark as to the nature of the test, were fitted with a pair of gloves and goggles, seated at a table with a pair of scales close by and then presented with a dish containing a large mud crab. The idea: break your crab and extract as much meat as possible. The winner would be the driver with the heaviest amount of meat on his scales.

Suffice to say that as Max began to turn a deep shade of green within seconds of the challenge starting, we figured Daniel was a shoo-in for victory, and so it proved.

While Daniel got stuck in, breaking off legs and cracking claws with the skill and gusto one can only associate with a BBQ-loving Aussie, Max was hopeless. The Dutchman had a go but after gagging several times, point-blank refused to touch his crustacean.

Daniel might have made Max’s discomfort worse by then taking a hammer to his crab, smashing the shell to smithereens and scooping out chunks of flesh. With Max reduced to a sweating wreck, Que, the chef who had prepared the dishes, to step in to help, wielding the hammer for Max.

No real competition, then, but a winner must be found. And on the basis that Daniel wasn’t in a fight, we’ll once again declare the overall winner to be…. Dine and Whine*!

*(Actually the crab was really good – once we’d extracted the hundreds of shell shards left from Daniel’s over-enthusiastic smashing)