From the track to the dance floor: The Sound of Synergy.

When F1 cars make a record, it’s usually on the track. So when our friends at Esso, who fuel our engines, challenged Grammy nominated DJ Mark Knight to create a track of a different kind using the sound of an F1 car, we were all ears. After all, they do say that F1 cars sing.

Mark captured a series of sounds from our own challenger, the RB15, before working his magic with samples and effects in his London studio to create a single music track that harnesses the unique, unmistakable sound of F1, something which comes from the special partnership between the fuel and the engine.

The result? A slice of slick electronica inspired by the RB15, fuelled by Esso, and perfect for the dancefloor, and a brand new way to experience F1.

Check out the full track below for an exclusive listen to Sound of Synergy.