Speed freaks

You’ve just won your home race, the celebrations are only just starting to wind down and you’re nursing a headache you confidently feel measures at the upper end of the Richter scale. So, what better way to get back in the game than to fire up an ear-splitting V8 and slam it around the back garden of a stately home in the south of England.

It might not be the most well documented cure for the morning after the night before, but coming a few days after our Austrian GP win, the awesome Goodwood Festival of Speed and a blaring RB8 were just the ticket for blowing off the cobwebs and getting us in the spirit for the following weekend and our second home race, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

On hand to power the mighty 2012 double title-winner up the famous hill was Patrick Friesacher. And across all three days of the event, the Austrian racer treated festival-goers to a riot of F1-flavoured mayhem, putting in some thunderous runs and delighting the crowd with the requisite flurry of donuts at the end of each run. 

Patrick even managed to pull out all the stops on the final day of the event when, after two days of gorgeous sunshine, the English summer reverted to type and dumped bucketloads of rain on the site. 

In all, though, it was another truly glorious Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Team’s garage was a hive of activity all weekend, with thousands of fans dropping by to check out the work – and to get autographs and selfies. 

We also had plenty of guests in over the three days, including Red Bull Racing Esports athletes Graham Carroll and Cem Bolukbasi who stopped by on Friday to hang with Patrick, and to take on a pit stop challenge.

With assistance from mechanic Mark ‘Crunch’ Lenton, the digital duo tried to change a front-right wheel quicker than the three second target set by Patrick – and aided by a little liquid focus they managed to beat the benchmark, clocking in at a very impressive 2.6 seconds.