Spy Signs Off For The Year

Greetings one and all, ‘tis Red Bull Spy here, full of festive cheer, wishing Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men, even scrutineers.

Things are winding down here at Red Bull Towers. The race bays are silent, all is still in the freight yard. In the design office the gentle sound of singing wafts over the desktops as aerodynamicists practice their carols while the elves in the model shop are busy making little toy cars*. And if you believe any of that, might I introduce you to my friend the Nigerian prince who needs a bit of help with his bank account.

In truth, we're flat out. Parts for the RB14 are coming out of the autoclaves as fast as they can bake, the last freight containers from Brazil are arriving back, while the first ones for Australia will be on their way momentarily. Someone has found the time to string up some fairy lights, there are a few fairly horrible jumpers on display and the sandwich bar in Building Three has decided that what the world needs is a 5,000 calorie roast dinner with all the trimmings served in between two pieces of granary bread – but otherwise it's business as usual.

We will, however, be going into partial hibernation for the next couple of weeks. The work doesn't exactly clang** to a halt as it does during the official summer shutdown; various departments will still be at it 24/7, and certain people in the team tend to enjoy their turkey more when it's served with a side order of finite element analysis but for the digital monkeys in their nest over the race bays, it's time to pack up, shut down and ship out for the duration. They'll be back early January but fear not, we won't be leaving you hanging with your chestnuts roasting on an open fire, we've got some great content lined up for the next couple of weeks.

We have Daniel and Max on the sofa again reviewing their 2017 season (What're they going to say about Hungary? Spy's genuinely interested), we'll have a full highlights package of the season's racing and, in case you missed them, our Demo tapes will showcase the full year's activities of our Live Demo team, who've been pretty busy. We'll also have a festive clip of the drivers sitting down to enjoy a nice lunch and exchange gifts in what's sure to be a civilised and tasteful manner.

Spy's off on his travels now, fervently hoping to have his stocking filled with tangerines, walnuts and 50 extra horsepower. I'll be back with you in 2018.

Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


*that one's actually true
**it's not really a clang. Carbon fibre tends to make more of a dull thud.