Guten Tag–Szia! Spy here, travelling a thousand km of hard road. Aw, we won the wrong race! Win a grand prix, it’s a basic invitation to sup from the cup of glory, isn’t it? But win the first half of a back-to-back and the cup of glory is snatched from the lips by a glaring sporting director because there’s a garage to pack down and cars to prep for the next big adventure. A quick bowl of pasta perched on an open flight case is not, in Spy’s humble opinion, an adequate substitute.

The cup of glory, it should be pointed out, is not an actual cup – at least not in these days of rubbish F1 trophies*, any actual liquid-bearing vessel will do, it’s the glory that counts. And glory is definitely deferred when there’s a 1000km road trip and no time to do it.

But still, a win’s a win, and two in three races is very nice indeed. It’s amusing and exasperating to Spy that, while a first win of the season is greeted with joyous hoopla, the second is treated as business-as-usual. It isn’t! It’s amazing. Maybe more amazing. And we broke the pit stop world record for the second race in a row. Regular readers will note that Spy, Seer of Seers, Sage of Sages, Prognosticator of Prognosticators, trailed this possibility after Silverstone. Clearly that one wasn’t taxing enough, so for variety, this week we dropped it to 1.88s. In the wet. With the lead of the race at stake. With Pierre screaming in right behind Max. Difficult to see how it can be harder. Maybe in Hungary someone will release a wolverine into the garage as the car crosses the pit entry line to find out if the pit crew simply respond better to a high-pressure situation.

It was a particularly nice race for the crew of Car 33. Not only did they have their driver on the top step of the podium but the other two guys up there were – at least for the oldmore mature members of that crew, former occupiers of the seat. Lovely seeing Dany back on the podium, though considering he also became a Dad over the weekend, he’s probably forgotten it by now. 

And the rest of us will have to do that as well, because we have to get the game-face on for Hungary. Happily it’s only looking like being 27°C in Budapest, so just your regular red hot rather than the melted-welly 40°C of Hockenheim. It’ll be interesting seeing how everyone in the paddock raises the intensity again for the fifth race in seven weeks, after a fairly draining week in Germany. Shouldn’t be a problem in our Team. Hungary’s a track where we usually go pretty well. Given that it’s the last race for three weeks and with Budapest being an absolutely perfect place for a party, this would definitely be a good one to win.

* just what the hell was it this week? A cat biting a magnet?