Spy casts his eye over the Circuit of The Americas paddock and gives his musings from this weekend's United States Grand Prix... He's everywhere, you know.

Not enough Dany demanding a car-height view, he also makes GP do the appropriate brum-brum, gearchange and squealing tyre noises too...

Something very heavy in there. Big Nige usually just puts those on his shoulder.

Dieter bustin' some moves to get Dany in the mood.

It's raining, it's cold & yet not one person has offered those poor girls a coat. Chivalry is dead!

After another exciting day, Storytime with Steve always calms the Williams crew down before they go to bed.

It's not that special: Dany always greets Darren and Lee like he hasn't seen them for a year...

Stu knew Dan wasn't going to be thrilled to receive a helmet full of rainwater...

Will struggles to remember which of his team-mates he's up against this weekend.

Dany's no fool. One look at the sky and he was off back to the hotel.

...on the other hand, Daniel reckons he's got a good chance of qualifying just as quickly as the Mercedes today.

When Sauber said they were testing a new tub, this isn't what we imagined.

F1: it's a non-stop thrill-a-minute rollercoaster of a racing series.

If it's women and children first as COTA starts to sink, Daniel's impromptu shawl disguise isn't going to get him a seat.